~ Ofel and Lulu ~

In 2015, Ofel Epicorus moved to New Zealand from Israel. In 2018, since moving, she wanted to help support the SPCA by fostering cats and kittens. In early 2020 during the March COVID-19 lockdown, she was introduced to the foster kitten, Lulu.

The lockdown was a difficult time and Ofel found her mood was getting low and had feelings of anxiousness. Having Lulu allowed Ofel to focus on another living being. Lulu offered Ofel some form of relief from the stress of the unprecedented period. Lulu would bring Ofel toys so they could play fetch, and would often follow Ofel and her partner around.

Not only was Lulu able to provide Ofel with a focus during the lockdown, but she also offered comfort. Lulu would often snuggle with Ofel and enjoyed having her company. It was a great relief to Ofel. As the lockdown was a chaotic and challenging period, having Lulu meant Ofel could have some calm in her life.

Amid the lockdown, Ofel was also managing her project page, A Part of Me Project. This aims to spread awareness and break the stigma of different mental and physical health conditions. Lulu helped Ofel to not only have some relief but also in prompting her to take some time out.

When Ofel found her mood to be low during the lockdown, Lulu offered some light. One time, Lulu was meowing at Ofel. Lulu then jumped onto Ofel’s bed with a toy in her mouth. The two played fetch and Ofel found this to be something that helped her immensely during this time.

As well as this, Ofel enjoyed having snuggles with Lulu. At times when she felt anxious or down, Lulu was there to brighten her day. Whether by offering some hugs, or playing fetch, having Lulu made such a big impact on Ofel.

Soon enough, Lulu was adopted. Ofel was devastated to see her leave but was happy to have been part of Lulu’s journey in finding a forever home. Had she been able to, she would have lovingly adopted Lulu into her own home.

Although Ofel no longer has Lulu, she still fosters cats and kittens from the SPCA. Having Lulu during a time when everything was a bit chaotic had a big impact on Ofel. Lulu never failed to brighten Ofel’s day, through snuggles and games of fetch. Ofel is thrilled that Lulu found a forever home, and that she could help Lulu in the journey of finding it.