~ Kim and Cooper ~

In 2017, mobility dog, Cooper, found his person. Kim, his human, fell instantly in love when they first met after being paired through the Mobility Dogs Trust. Mobility Dogs is a non-profit organisation who train dogs to aid those with physical disabilities.

Kim has mitochondrial myopathy, which impacts her mobility. Her body does not produce enough energy, and so can cause some difficulties in her daily life. Having her mobility dog, Cooper, has been a big help to Kim. They initially met when Kim still had some ability to walk, and Cooper provided her with some support in keeping her balance. If she dropped something, such as her bag, Cooper would be there to help pick it up for Kim, Cooper can bark to alert others to Kim needing some extra help, and much more.

Since the training camp, Kim now uses a wheelchair to get around. Cooper quickly adjusted to his human partner and her new needs. It was a bit of an adjustment for both of them, but it wasn’t long before they were back into a rhythm. Since changing to a wheelchair, Cooper has adapted and now helps Kim in different ways. He can help open and shut doors, he brings her things she may have dropped, not be able to reach or get something quicker than she might, among many other helpful things.

One time, Kim had fallen over in the street and broke her ankle. During this scary time, Cooper did not leave Kim’s side. He barked to alert people to what had happened. He remained calm and ensured Kim knew he was there and that no one touched Kim until someone who could help came.

Following this incident, Kim stayed in the hospital. Cooper was allowed to visit Kim every day. He would look at her with care and concern. When nurses or doctors entered Kim’s room, Cooper wouldn’t let anyone near his human until he had sniffed and approved the person and the syringe or other equipment used.

Having Cooper in her life has allowed Kim so much more independence. Cooper supports Kim every day and gives her the confidence to do things she hadn’t done before. She is now able to go out and about because of Cooper. Cooper keeps Kim company and is always by her side. Often, when going to sleep, Cooper puts his paw on Kim to make sure she is okay and to offer her the reassurance he’s there for her. Kim feels comforted knowing Cooper is there. She loves to snuggle him and feels calmer when doing so.

Their bond is evident in how much each cares for the other. As Cooper takes such good care of her, Kim does all she can to ensure he gets the best care possible, including food, toys, and more. Kim often thinks of Cooper’s needs first. He does a lot for her, and she makes sure she lets him know how appreciated he is.

Now, Kim and Cooper are an inseparable pair. She is very thankful for Cooper always being there and for everything she does. Kim has started her own small business called Kim’s crafts for a cause. The funds from this will help her to purchase a new outdoor wheelchair. The products are very influenced by Cooper, who also features as a model. It is obvious how much they care for one another. It is visible from the way they look at each other and when Cooper checks in with Kim while walking alongside her.