~ Romy and Lollipop ~

In 2015 in Switzerland, Romy and Lollipop met. Having had a difficult early life, finding comfort and peace in Romy’s house made a world of difference for Lollipop.

Lollipop, a Parson Russel Terrier, was adopted and moved from place to place a few times in 2014, her first year of life. Her last breeder handler let Lollipop settle in and adopted her for breeding. Before acquiring the breeding license, Lollipop had entered and won many national and international dog shows.

One year later in 2015, Romy was looking to adopt a dog, specifically a Parson Russel Terrier. She knew this breed have characteristics of being energetic, confident, outgoing and are small in size. Initially, Romy went to meet with a breeder who introduced her to some dogs, although, Lollipop stood out to her most. Upon meeting, she noticed Lollipop was devoted, enjoyed Romy’s company, and was open-minded. From this meeting, Romy was told Lollipop would be having a litter the following year.

Not long after, Lollipop became pregnant. Romy was thrilled that this meant she would soon welcome a new puppy into her home. Unfortunately, before her puppies were born, Lollipop was severely attacked and lost her puppies. This led to permanent issues for Lollipop, meaning there was a risk of her being unable to become pregnant again. As a result, Romy instantly jumped to adopt Lollipop.

Since being adopted by Romy, Lollipop has flourished. She has enjoyed being a regular dog – running around parks, getting lots of snuggles, lots of naps and more. Romy found that Lollipop needs clear communication and to have rules clearly outlined. This has helped Lollipop, but it has also been a learning experience for Romy. Having to be clear and assertive helped Romy to gain confidence in herself.

Before getting Lollipop, Romy remembers having difficulties speaking up for herself. She often felt her own wellbeing suffered by wanting to please other people. This led to Romy feeling as if she was losing who she was and having low self-worth. After awhile, she became depressed due to burnout. Meeting and adopting Lollipop changed all this.

Needing to be firm with Lollipop meant that Romy’s confidence grew. Realising that she can be both assertive and kind, allowed Romy to become who she is now. Not only does she now speak up for herself, but she speaks up for Lollipop as she is responsible for her and her actions. Romy feels that she and Lollipop have an unspoken understanding of one another due to both of their pasts. Lollipop provides Romy with a sense of happiness and peacefulness.

In 2017, Romy began her own business, inspired by Lollipop. Through her business, Blickfang Pfoten, or Glamour Paws, Romy designs and creates beautiful products for dogs, cats, and their humans – famously, beautiful collars. Lollipop remains an inspiration for this and is also the face of and model for Blickfang Pfoten.

The two enjoy simply spending time together. Romy has always been active and loves going for adventures. Whether tramping, hiking, or even just a scenic walk, Romy loves being outdoors and being joined by Lollipop every step of the way. Having Lollipop join her during her outings helps Romy. She knows that she is never alone with Lollipop by her side.

Having Lollipop has taught Romy bravery. Seeing Lollipop go through what she has, as well as knowing her own strength, has given Romy her confidence and ability to see her own bravery. She trusts her gut instincts rather than what her head may be telling her.

It is evident how much they both mean to each other and how much they have helped each other. They have an amazing bond. Romy views Lollipop as a companion and friend. Someone who understands her, who listens without judgement, and is always there for her.