~ Riae and Saphie ~

Just over nine years ago, cavoodle puppy, Saphie was born into Riae’s family. Having had Saphie’s mum as their family dog, Riae has known Saphie since day one. The bond they share is amazing.

When Saphie was born, Riae recalls falling in love. Saphie was so small and a different colour to her littermates. She stood out to Riae and from that moment, the two became best friends.

Unfortunately, in 2014, Riae was diagnosed with AMPL cancer. A rare form of leukaemia. This was a harrowing period for her. During this time, Saphie was right there by her side. Riae remembers any time she left the house for treatment, Saphie was always sad to see her leave, but beyond excited for her return.

Riae was in and out of the hospital for years. She underwent many treatments in order to fight the cancer. Through all of it, Saphie supported her and helped her with getting through the difficult time. When Riae was home, Saphie never left her side and ensure Riae had lots of cuddles! Having Saphie definitely offered some solace to Riae amid her journey with cancer.

Since then, Riae has struggled with her mental health. As with her cancer journey, Saphie has supported Riae through her mental health challenges. Whenever Riae is sad or having a tough day, Saphie is right there. She offers comfort and support whenever needed.

Saphie encourages Riae to get some fresh air, to enjoy their time together and have a walk. They especially love walking along the beach! Being able to be in each other’s company brings happiness and tranquillity to both of them.

Having Saphie has brought Riae immense joy. No matter what is happening in Riae’s life, she knows that she has Saphie right there by her side. Riae sees Saphie as her best friend and baby. They have grown up together and gone through life as a team.

Both Riae and Saphie share an amazing bond. It is evident how much they care for one another. Through thick and thin, they have remained the closest of friends. Saphie is now just over 9 years old and enjoys cuddling up next to Riae. When Riae is away from home, she is a model, motorbike enthusiast, among many other things. Seeing these two bloom into the pair they are is awesome.