~ Sunita and Elmo ~

12 years ago, Sunita met her best friend, Elmo.  During this time, the two have become close friends and support each other in their daily lives.  

In 2008, Sunita sadly lost her first dog.  After this, she felt like there was something missing from her life.  One day, she was on the internet and discovered an adoption site.  There, she came across Fendi, a white Samoyed puppy.  Sunita fell instantly in love with him and decided to adopt him and give him a new name – Elmo.  

Since adopting Elmo, Sunita has noticed a positive impact on her life.  Unfortunately, she went through a difficult break-up and had the challenge of her parents’ divorce.  Both times, Elmo was right there for her.  He would sit outside her bedroom door, sit beside her in her room and would simply just keep her company.  To Sunita, this was Elmo’s way of letting her know he was there for her. 

Having Elmo in her life, Sunita has learnt patience – especially during training sessions – and has gained so much happiness from having Elmo in her life.  As well as this, Sunita has learnt so much from Elmo.  She has learnt that there is always a silver lining and to smile, all thanks to Elmo.  

Both Sunita and Elmo enjoy the outdoors.  They are often out and about, going on their next adventure together.  When they are out, Elmo is always excited to meet his friends during pack walks but is often anxious around those he isn’t familiar with.  Their favourite place to go together is the beach.  Elmo loves to swim and play in the water.  He also enjoys going for car rides with his human.  They two obviously share a close bond and feel happy when in each others’ company.  

Elmo has brought Sunita so much happiness and has taught her a lot.  Elmo’s goofy personality and an almost permanent smile never fail to brighten Sunita’s day.  

While, unfortunately, Elmo is going blind due to age, it doesn’t stop him from living his life to its fullest.  He still enjoys being active but also is very happy to rest and have cuddles with his human!

Because of how much Elmo has helped Sunita, she has started her own business called ‘For a Pawpose’.  Through this, Sunita makes and sells lovely products, such as candles, poo bag holders, kids clothing and other handmade items.  Not only does she sell amazing products, but she also donates part of the proceeds made from every order to an animal organisation or rescue.  

It is obvious how much Sunita and Elmo care for one another.  They have been there for each other through tough times and have enjoyed the great times together.  Their bond is so strong.  They bring joy to each others’ lives and lift one another up, even during challenging times.