~ Charlie and Molly ~

In the short amount of time since being together, Charlie and her labradoodle, Molly, have become the best of friends.  

Molly was welcomed into the family on Charlie’s birthday.  The two of them had an instant bond and Charlie recalls Molly being the cutest puppy she had ever seen.  From then, their friendship only grew.  

Having Molly in her life has helped Charlie through some tough times.  If she’s struggling, Charlie knows that Molly will be right there.  Whether to listen without judgement or to offer comfort in the form of a fluffy hug!  Charlie feels safe around Molly.  She can confide in Molly, knowing she won’t judge her or be disappointed in her.  This is something that has helped Charlie immensely.  

Even though Molly isn’t quite a year old yet, she and Charlie share an incredible bond.  They enjoy simply spending time together.  From just enjoying each other’s company to long walks along beaches and rivers.  As well as this, they love going on adventures and trying new things, from new treats to new tricks!

The bond between Charlie and Molly is evident.  In the year they’ve been together, they have flourished as friends.  Charlie can’t imagine what her life would be like without her canine companion.  Molly means the world to Charlie and Charlie means the world to Molly.