~ Hope ~

In July of 2018, Hope, an Egyptian Baladi, arrived in Ontario at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.  Since then, he had been searching for his forever home, until the 27th of February, 2021.  

Hope’s handler, Stephanie, recalls him being a very timid dog when he first arrived.  Not much is known about his history except that he came all the way from Egypt.  As a result of an unknown traumatic event, Hope arrived at the shelter paralysed and incontinent.  Despite all this, Hope has shown that he is a really loving dog.  

Evidently, Hope had a difficult life before he was rescued by Dog Tales.  Although he is timid, when he is around those he trusts, Hope is able to feel more comfortable and confident in showing his lovely and playful personality.  Hope is able to be active with his own set of wheels!  He never lets his having a disability stop him from living his life.  When Hope uses his wheelchair, he has a lot more independence.  If he is able to be on a softer surface, however, he can get around without his wheelchair.   

Three years after being at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, Hope found his forever home.  At the end of February 2021, he found his forever home with Sue, her husband, Garland, and Sue’s best friend, Hannah.  They have all warmly welcomed Hope into their home and are giving him the life he truly deserves.  

Once he began to feel comfortable, he has started to show his true self – a loving, playful and happy dog.  Hope enjoys rolling around in the grass and spending time out in the sun.  As well as this, when he is ready to wind down, he loves neck scratches and cuddles or simply just curling up in a nice, snuggly bed.  

Anyone who knows Hope knows he has beautiful and soulful eyes.  You simply need to look into his eyes and you can see just what a gorgeous doggo he is.  He knows it, too – and isn’t afraid to use this to his advantage when on the hunt for a treat or two! 

Although he does require help to get around, Hope enjoys his own independence and can be quite active with his wheelchair.  He has a lot of love to give and deserves to live his best life.  Hope has faced many challenges, but he has grown to become a lovely dog who now finally has his own family. 

We are beyond thrilled to know Hope has found his forever home!  However, there are many other dogs at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario who are in similar situations and are looking for their forever homes.  If you wish to adopt a dog from them, make sure you contact them.  All animals deserve a forever home and somewhere they can feel loved and safe.