~ Kylie and Leo ~

Two years ago, Kylie fostered little Leo.  Little did she know, Leo wouldn’t be returning to the shelter – he had found her forever home with her.  

In 2018, Kylie was struggling with her mental health.  She soon decided to begin fostering animals from the Saving Hope Foundation as she has always held a lot of compassion for animals.  This allowed Kylie something to focus her attention on, as well as something to distract her from her own struggles. 

While fostering 3 puppies who were saved from terrible living conditions, Kylie felt a connection to one in particular.  This little puppy had sustained an awful injury from where he had been rescued.  As a result, he was very fearful of any human.  

Kylie remembers sitting down on the floor, and the little pup decided to curl up in her lap.  It was from that moment, Kylie knew she was bringing the puppy home – with the name Leo.  They both clicked instantly and Kylie was in love with her new companion.  

Since that day, the bond between Kylie and Leo has only continued to grow.  Kylie still enjoys fostering, and Leo is more than happy to help.  He is always welcoming to any foster animal and helps raise them into well behaved and loving animals for when they find their own forever homes. 

When Kylie and Leo aren’t at home fostering, they enjoy going on adventures.  They often go on walks and love walking along the beach together.  Not only this, but Leo also inspired Kylie to begin her own business – Leo and Co.  Kylie enjoyed treating Leo with new bowties and bandanas, and so decided to share her pet apparel range with other pet owners.  

If Kylie ever feels down or stressed, she knows that Leo is right there for her.  He always knows just what to do to cheer her up.  Together, they have become part of a very loving and friendly dog community, both locally and through social media.  

The bond between Kylie and Leo is certainly a special one.  Having Leo in her life has given Kylie an immense amount of joy and love.  It is obvious how much they care for one another and that they both just want the best for each other.