~ Jen and Todd ~

Over 10 years ago, Todd was found by his forever human, Jen.  Since then, they have faced many challenges, but this has only made their bond that much stronger.  

Initially, Todd was taken in by an acquaintance of Jen. Unfortunately, he was not properly cared for and so found himself struggling with health issues. Jen then decided to help Todd. She took him to the vet and found that he had a urinary tract infection and was covered with fleas. From this, Jen knew Todd was her cat. She looked down at him and fell in love. 

Todd has helped Jen through many tough times and has made the good times better. No matter what happens in Jen’s life, she knows she has Todd right by her side. Having Todd show unconditional love has greatly improved Jen’s life. He will excitedly meet her when she returns home after being out and will happily have cuddles as often as possible.  

Everyone who knows Todd knows him to be an affectionate and relaxed cat. He loves company and whenever Jen has friends over, Todd always makes sure he introduces himself and makes them feel welcome.  

Not too long ago, Jen began leash training Todd. He very much enjoys going outside for walks and exploring with his human. When they’re not out and about, Todd enjoys playing with his many toys and sitting outside on the balcony with Jen, or simply having a good cuddle.  

Unfortunately, in August of 2020, Todd began experiencing frequent vomiting. Initially, they told Jen that Todd had pancreatitis. After medications, Todd was still showing symptoms 6 weeks later. In November, he had an ultrasound and a biopsy which revealed he had Gastrointestinal Large Cell Lymphoma – a type of cancer. 

Without receiving treatment, Todd’s prognosis was that he would survive 4 more weeks. On December 1st of 2020, which was also coincidentally their 9 year anniversary, Todd began his treatments. 50-70% of cats who undergo such treatments can respond well. However, this was a difficult time for both Jen and Todd. He has had to have many tests, treatments and medications to treat the cancer.  

As of February of 2021, Todd is considered to be in clinical full remission. This is an extremely good sign!  It means that the cancer has disappeared and, although he will continue his treatments to make sure, he can get back to being a happy and healthy cat. Despite initially having 4 weeks to live, it has now been 19 weeks and we are thrilled that he is doing better!

It is obvious how much Jen and Todd care for one another. Todd helped Jen through her difficult times, and Jen supported Todd through his cancer journey every step of the way. They share so much love for one another. They truly share such an amazing bond.