~ Amy and Apollo ~

In 2018, rescue dog, Apollo, found his forever home. Coming from a harrowing background, he found safety in his human, Amy. Since then, the two have become the best of friends and Apollo has flourished into a lovely and kind dog. 

Three years ago, Amy heard of a dog who had a challenging upbringing.  She saw in photos he had sustained many injuries and infections.  Having learnt that he had been badly abused in his previous home, Amy felt she had to save this dog.  Not long after, Amy welcomed him into her home and named him Apollo.  

During this time, Amy was struggling with her mental health.  She felt alone and lost.  It wasn’t until she found Apollo that she found hope again.  On days she found it hard to get out of bed, Apollo would encourage her to get up.  He showed Amy the beauty in life and helped her to find a purpose.  No matter what, Apollo could always bring a bit of happiness to Amy’s day.  

It was a challenge helping Apollo adjust to a new family.  He wasn’t used to being around people who loved him and wanted him to feel safe.  Often Apollo would feel overwhelmed by new people, surroundings, places, and more, which lead to him being reactive.  After a lot of time, effort and patience, Apollo slowly learnt to trust the world around him.  They started small, going for short and quiet walks, and gradually going for a little longer and in less quiet areas. 

Although it was difficult, Apollo now loves going on adventures with Amy.  He is happy to get out and about to explore new surroundings, provided this is done so at a pace he feels comfortable with.  As well as this, he loves having his toys nearby.  He is often found holding onto one of his favourites, and if not, there is always one close to him.

Despite his difficult past, Apollo is full of love and positivity.  He shows those around him that there is still so much good in life.  As he now has the freedom to do so, he lives his life to the fullest.  He never lets his past impact his present or future, he simply lives within each moment.  

Since finding his forever home, Apollo has had an amazing impact on those around him.  He inspires those around him with his energy and the way he lights up a room.  As well as this, Apollo is very loving.  His family has grown and have welcomed a cockapoo puppy named Leo.  

It is obvious how much Apollo has flourished in a home full of love and kindness.  He still has a long way to go to fully recover from his past, but he is a different dog from when he was first adopted.  

Unfortunately, it has been found that when Apollo was younger, he broke his leg.  It seems that the break never healed properly and is now causing issues.  On the 12th of April 2021, Apollo will be having surgery to help repair this damage.  You can learn more about it on his Instagram account.  It will be a long recovery journey, but absolutely worth it for him to have the life he deserves.  

As the surgery date is getting closer, Amy has been helping Apollo prepare.  They are training together to help the recovery period.  It has been something Apollo has had a lot of fun doing.  Of course, the treats he receives are also great motivation!

The love between Amy and Apollo is evident.  They have stayed by each other’s side through thick and thin.  Despite both having their own challenges, they have given hope to the other and shown that there is always hope and love in the world.