~ Alisa, Pepe and Milky ~

After arriving in New Zealand, Alisa wanted to welcome two cats into her family. This led to Pepe and Milky finding their forever home and Alisa finding two loving companions.  

Alisa left Russia and came to New Zealand. She lived with her husband and soon felt that they were ready to welcome two furry additions to their family. They went to the SPCA. There, Alisa met Badger, an 8-month-old black and white longhaired cat. As soon as they all met, Badger began purring and kneading Alisa. Within the hour, Badger was on his way home with Alisa. As well as a new home, Badger had a new name – Pepe.

Soon, Alisa wanted Pepe to have a friend. She was searching for a second cat to welcome into their family. Eventually, Alisa found someone who bred Burmilla cats. They met one little kitten and, once again, fell in love. Once he was old enough, Alisa was able to bring the kitten, named Milky, home.  

Both Pepe and Milky has been immensely helpful for Alisa. Whenever she is stressed, upset or feeling homesick, she knows both cats will be there for her. No matter what, they both can make Alisa laugh and find a bit of happiness each day. As well as this, both cats can make any chore a lot more entertaining with their endless antics.  

Having both Pepe and Milky has had a very positive impact on Alisa. Each day, simply from them being themselves, Alisa feels she becomes a better version of herself. She has learnt more responsibility, to be more positive and to be more caring and empathetic.  

When Alisa came to New Zealand, she felt lonely. It was difficult being in a new country and not being around her family and friends, aside from her husband of course. Once Pepe and Milky were a part of her family, she felt less alone. Having them has opened up doors to new opportunities for her and being part of a cat-loving community.  

Alisa enjoys playing with and watching Pepe and Milky when they get a hold of their toys! As well as this, the two cats are always very appreciative of any and every treat they receive. They all love to make one another happy and any time spent with Pepe and Milky always brightens Alisa’s day.  

They all obviously share a very special bond. Both Pepe and Milky have helped Alisa a lot since they all became a family. The love they share for one another is so very strong.