~ Jet ~

In 2009, Jet was welcomed into the home of Sinikka.  Since then, the two have become inseparable and Jet has touched the lives of many.  

Unfortunately, when Jet was 2-years-old, his humans were in an accident.  It was then that Sinikka welcomed him into her home.  From the moment she met him, she knew he was a special and loving dog.  

Due to Jet’s gentle and caring personality, Sinikka felt that he would be a great therapy dog.  Soon, Jet was assessed and passed with flying colours.  He began his journey then to becoming a therapy dog to help out within their community.  

After passing his therapy dog assessments, Jet started by visiting his local rest home.  This went so well that Jet was able to visit other rest homes, as well as a dementia unit.  Being there offered brightened the residents’ days and offered them all some comfort.  It became a regular event and everyone looked forward to his visits. 

There have been many instances where Jet has helped the residents he has visited, as well as those around him.  A dementia unit resident who was hardly spoke was able to recall and speak her own dog’s name.  There is no doubt how much the residents looked forward to seeing Jet.  He brought them all immense happiness during his visits. 

As his rest home visits brought so much happiness, Jet was asked to visit a local primary school.  There, Jet helped to support children with their reading.  They could read out loud to Jet and they gained confidence in doing so.  The children were always thrilled when they saw Jet walk through the doors.  

As well as visiting rest homes and primary schools, Jet also participated in outreach therapy events.  These included the Special Children’s Christmas Party, University of Law Wellbeing days, plus many more.  From time to time, Jet would also go to the Starship Children’s Hospital and sit in their Pet Corner.  There, patients were able to spend time with Jet.  This was a huge comfort to the patients, their families and even the staff who needed some time out. 

Unfortunately, Jet became ill in 2018 with melanoma.  This was a big challenge for both Jet and his family.  Thankfully, Jet survived this but had to retire from being a therapy dog.  Due to arthritis and not being as active as he once was, Jet is now happily retired with his family. Now, Jet can normally be found sleeping next to Sinikka while she works from home.  

Since retiring, Jet has enjoyed his extra home time.  He loves going for walks and spending time with his humans.  Occasionally, however, Jet still makes an appearance at his local rest home as his human grandma is a resident there.  While he isn’t an active therapy dog, he still brings some joy to the residents there just by simply being himself.  

The impact Jet has had on his humans and his community is incredible.  It is evident how caring and loving he is.  He has brought immense happiness to so many people.  From comforting those staying in hospital, to supporting children learning to read, to simply calming residents in a rest home, Jet has definitely won the hearts of many.