~ Daisy ~

3 years ago, Daisy found her way into the care of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario.  Since then, 7-year-old Daisy has flourished into a loving dog who has found her forever home as of the 11th of April, 2021.

Before arriving at Dog Tales Rescue, Daisy had suffered horrible abuse.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in her having a condition known as Cauda Equida Syndrome.  This is severe pain and arthritis at the base of the spine.  This can lead to serious pain and mobility issues. 

Due to the care and supervision had Daisy received from Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, she no longer suffers from the pain of her condition.  While she no longer suffers from pain, she does have accidents due to incontinence and is prone to urinary tract infections.  

Despite her difficult past and daily challenges, Daisy is a strong and loving dog.  No matter what, Daisy doesn’t let anything stop her from living her best life.  She is full of life, love and is a very gentle and kind dog.

While she does not do well in the company of small animals, such as cats and smaller dogs, she is very good with children.  Daisy is selective with other dogs, this means that with some time and patience, she can get on with others.  

Even though her condition presents some challenges, Daisy is still an active dog.  Her favourite activities are playing fetch, walks and, when she feels like it, zoomies!  When she wants to relax, she loves to cuddle with people.  One of her favourite things is to be wrapped up in blankets.  Being shown affection helps Daisy feel loved and safe. 

After everything she has gone through, Daisy deserves her forever home.  If you can provide a loving, safe and accessible home for her, contact Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.  

We are beyond thrilled to know Daisy has found his forever home!  We know she will bring so much happiness and love to her new family.  She truly is a special girl and we’re happy that she can now have somewhere to call her home and a family to call her own. 

However, there are many other dogs at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario who are in similar situations and are looking for their forever homes.  If you wish to adopt a dog from them, make sure you contact them.  All animals deserve a forever home and somewhere they can feel safe and loved.