~ Kaysie and Alfie ~

Kaysie has always loved animals, especially cats. She has worked from home as a beauty therapist for a while, and soon hired Maine Coon kitten, Alfie, as her companion and assistant.  

After working by herself from home, Kaysie decided a calm and loving cat would be a wonderful addition to her life. She soon contacted a Maine Coon breeder in Rotorua, New Zealand. They set up a meeting and Kaysie went in to visit the newest litter. 

At the meeting, Kaysie met a very fluffy white and brown Maine Coon kitten. He was playful and curious about the world around him. The breeder was initially going to keep him for breeding but saw the instant connection between him and Kaysie. It was from that moment, Kaysie welcomed Alfie into her life.  

Kaysie’s beauty therapy is something she does from home. Having Alfie has helped both her and her clients – in the form of cat therapy. As a kitten, Alfie could sit beside Kaysie’s clients when appropriate and would happily stay there for the session.  

Now, Alfie has become a bit bigger and is no longer able to fit onto the bed the way he used to. Despite this, he always ensures that he shows some extra care to any client that he feels needs it. Simply purring while near clients can also be therapeutic for any client. Alfie has great intuition and makes sure he offers a cuddle to anyone and everyone who comes into their home.  

Having Alfie in her life, Kaysie has noticed he has had an immense impact on her. Simply knowing he is there, right by her side, has been a great comfort. Alfie is always interested in what Kaysie is doing and will happily sit next to her and watch her as she works.  

Alfie and Kaysie truly share a special bond. You can tell how much love they have for one another.  Kaysie feels Alfie has brought more happiness and calmness into her life. Just being in each other’s company brightens their day!