~ Laura and Eugene ~

When Laura first saw Eugene, a very sweet little Spoodle, online, it was love at first sight.  Since welcoming Eugene into her home, Laura’s life has changed for the better.  The two are now inseparable and have helped each other immensely.  

Having always wanted to get her own dog, Laura was searching online for the perfect dog.  One day, she found a listing for a light brown Spoodle with a heart pattern on his chest.  Laura fell in love and immediately contacted the breeder.  The next day, she went for a four-hour drive to meet the puppy.  

As she arrived, Laura saw all the excited puppies running around, however, one puppy ran up to her immediately.  She picked him up and was then told that the puppy she was holding was the puppy she came to meet.  Safe to say, this was simply meant to be.  The puppy fell asleep in Laura’s arms and went home with her that day, and was given the name Eugene.  

Before having Eugene in her life, Laura had been struggling with her mental health.  Once Eugene became a part of her family, she found a sliver of hope again.  Having him in her life gave Laura a sense of purpose and responsibility.  On days when she may have been struggling with caring for herself, she was able to care for Eugene.  He required a lot of looking after and care, and this was something that helped Laura immensely.  

Since having Eugene in her life, Laura has gained so much in her life.  He gave her happiness that she hadn’t felt in a long time.  He helped her go outside and socialise on the days she didn’t want to.  He showed her she wasn’t alone.  He showed her she is worthy of unconditional love.  Even though he needed her to look after him, Laura feels that Eugene looked after her in her challenging times. 

If Laura has had a difficult day, whether at work or in general, she knows Eugene is right there for her.  His love for Laura is true and unconditional.  He welcomes her home every time she returns.  He brings happiness to each and every day, regardless of what may have happened earlier.  Even on tough days, Eugene can bring a smile to Laura’s face and make her laugh when it may be difficult.  He gives her licks, tail wags and lots of snuggles!

Simply by being himself, Eugene can bring happiness to anyone’s day.  He has encouraged Laura and her family to be outside more and to socialise.  He has changed Laura’s life for the better.  Even during her lowest moments, Eugene has brightened Laura’s day by just being there.  He brings joy to Laura, her family and her friends.  He can bring a smile to anyone’s face.  

One of Laura and Eugene’s favourite activities to do together is spending time at the beach.  Eugene especially loves digging for any hidden treasures he can find in the sand.  As well as this, at any time or place, Eugene is always ready to play fetch.  He also loves to see and play with his doggo friends.  

The bond between Laura and Eugene is truly a special one.  It is evident how much they care for one another.  Eugene has helped Laura immensely and has provided her with so much happiness and positivity.  The love between them both is obvious, simply by how they look at each other.