~ Danica and Lita ~

When Danica first met Lita, no one would have known the immense impact she would have on her human.  Ever since day one, the two have become inseparable.  

Sadly, in 2018, Danica lost her cat following a car accident.  This was devastating.  The following year, her boyfriend convinced her to go to their local SPCA.  Danica was not ready to welcome a new cat into her life.  Although, as you may know, animals have other ideas.  

Once at the SPCA, Danica met with some of the cats and kittens in their care.  It was then she met one very special cat.  This cat looked like Danica’s previous cat, only a lot fluffier.  She couldn’t not bring this cat into her life, and left the SPCA with a new companion, Lita.  

Having Lita has helped Danica immensely.  Danica has struggled with her mental health.  As well as this, she was supporting her mother who was fighting cancer at the time.  It was a difficult time for her and having Lita helped her feel like she wasn’t alone.  Lita helped take Danica’s mind off of what was happening and comforted her when times became too difficult.  

No matter what may be happening in Danica’s life, Lita can always bring a smile to her face.  She meets Danica every time she returns home, and enjoys spending time with her.  Their favourite time is when Danica is playing a PlayStation game and Lita will curl up next to her.  

It is evident how much Danica and Lita mean to one another.  They both bring out the best in each other and provide the other with strength.  They have been through a lot together, but this only goes to show the love they share.