~ The Barkery ~

Three years ago, The Barkery launched.  The Barkery is New Zealand’s first adoptable dog cafe!  Not only can you find some yummy treats there, but you can also meet some lovely doggos looking for a forever home who may be visiting the cafe. 

Jack and Jess have always loved animals, especially dogs.  They had both been volunteering at animal rescues for over 5 years.  This showed them what goes into finding the best forever homes for dogs as well as finding proper resources.  During their time volunteering, they saw how special it is when an animal finds their forever home.  

They both felt that volunteering at animal rescues was immensely rewarding.  They were able to help comfort and rehabilitate animals that had been abandoned, surrendered, or uplifted.  Seeing so many animals requiring help in finding their own forever homes, Jack and Jess wanted to come up with a new, fun way for animals and people to meet.  

While volunteering, Jack and Jess saw how much effort goes into funding and education.  This can often take away resources and energy from those at animal rescues.  They wanted to help in this area.  After realising the disconnect between dog lovers and non-dog lovers and felt there needed to be a place that would encourage a connection between dogs and humans.  They wanted to inspire a positive experience for both parties, thus, The Barkery was born.  

The Barkery, launched in 2019, is a cafe based in Christchurch, New Zealand, where humans and dogs alike can go sit down and enjoy their time together.  Not only this but at The Barkery, they introduce dogs from rescues to potential forever homes.  People who visit the cafe can meet the occasional rescue dogs and can adopt them.  While they are not always onsite, The Barkery regularly post profiles of dogs from local rescues.  Watching dogs find their forever family has been the most rewarding part for Jack and Jess.  

The cafe itself is still being developed, and they are on the look-out for project managers, container supply, builders, subcontractors, materials, and landscapers.  Any help they can get further helps them to be the best adoptable dog cafe they can be!  Simply sharing their story around and offering support can also help immensely.  

Having dogs of their own throughout their lives has motivated both Jack and Jess to continue their work.  They have a lot of determination and commitment to ensuring that all dogs can find their forever home.  The Barkery provides a safe and comfortable place for both dogs and humans to socialise and get to know one another.  Humans are welcome to bring in their canine companions.  Both are able to enjoy some delicious treats as there is both a menu for people and a menu for dogs!

Since the launch in 2019, The Barkery has had a few ‘pup-up’ stalls through different establishments.  Their first pup-up was at the Sun Dog Diner in Christchurch.  This was a big success.  There, dog owners were able to sit down and enjoy ice cream with their dogs.  They were also able to meet rescue dogs.  This event saw many humans and dogs getting involved, and some even finding their forever homes. 

The passion that both Jack and Jess have for The Barkery is immeasurable.  You can tell how much they care for their work and for the rescued dogs.  They say that their favourite part is seeing the happily furever afters.  Rescue dogs finally having a family to go to and humans being able to welcome a beautiful new furry family member to their home.  

When starting, they both simply enjoy making people happy and help out some loving rescue dogs, and The Barkery definitely does this.  They are a great business and will definitely provide hope for so many dogs and will brighten anyone’s day.  Next time you’re in Christchurch, make sure you keep an eye out for them!