~ Shila ~

In 2016, Shila found her way into the love and care of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario.  Since then, now 9-year-old Shila has flourished into a loving and beautiful dog and is searching for her forever home. 

Not much is known about Shila’s history, other than she was used to having to fight for everything in her life.  Because of this, she can demonstrate food guarding behaviours and has some behavioural challenges.  Her first impression may be that she’s somewhat distant, but with time and patience, she will become your best friend.  

While Shila has experienced some traumas in her life, she has become a very sweet dog.  Her forever home will need to be only adults and without any other pets.  She can be reactive and may lash out. She finds it hard to trust and will need some time to open up, but give her some time and she will show her true self. 

Once Shila warms to you, she will show you her gentle, energetic and loving side.  Her favourite thing to do is play tug with her rope toys.  She also enjoys going for trail walks and getting out and exploring.  As well as this, when she’s feeling less active, Shila loves to spend time with her humans.  She is happy to let you know she loves you with a doggie kiss and loves to be brushed and be shown lots of affection.  

Despite her past, Shila is a very kind and loving dog once she learns to trust you.  It’s important to let her take things at her own pace.  She can gradually warm to other dogs, but she can be reactive, so patience is key!  

Shila loves affection and will shower her forever family with love.  She is truly a beautiful dog and will bring so much happiness to any home she is welcomed into.  

After everything she has gone through, Shila deserves her forever home.  If you can provide a loving and safe home for her, contact Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.