~ Jasmine, Mary and Loki ~

Two years ago, Loki was welcomed into the lives of Jasmine and Mary.  Since then, the three of them have become a very loving family.  

A few years ago, after Jasmine and Mary were married, they decided to move to Los Angeles from New Zealand.  Although this was something they wanted to do, they felt lonely being so far away from their families.  Wanting to add to their lives, and after finding an appropriate animal-friendly place, they decided to adopt a puppy.  

Soon, they did a search on Pet Finder.  Listed on the website was a litter of rescued puppies, all named after The Avengers.  They had been abandoned in Bakersfield, CA.  When Jasmine and Mary arrived, they met the last of four puppies.  A black and tan coloured one by the name of Iron Man.  It was love at first sight for the three of them and he found his forever home, although with a new name – Loki.  They discovered how appropriate his name was as he is quite a mischievous puppy!  

Since having Loki in their lives, Jasmine and Mary have newfound happiness.  Unfortunately, they had been struggling with their mental health.  Having Loki helped them both immensely.  He could always bring a smile to their faces, offered a distraction, and encouraged them to get out and about for his daily walks in L.A.  

No matter what may be happening in their lives, Loki always knows just how to make someone smile.  He’s definitely a mischievous puppy but also loves a nice snuggle.  Not only this but Loki has taught both Jasmine and Mary to be present in the moment.  He is always enjoying the present and has encouraged his mums to do the same.  Something that he also helps Jasmine with is her morning meditation routine.  When she is doing this, he will happily climb onto her lap and reminds her to just be.  

When out and about, Jasmine, Mary and Loki all enjoy simply exploring their L.A. community, especially the beaches.  They also love visiting dog-friendly hotels around California.  It’s always exciting for them to visit new places and to just be in each other’s company. 

Between the three of them, there is so much love.  It is evident how much Loki cares for his mums and how much they care for him.  He provides them with someone to focus their attention on as well as a reason to get up each morning.  It is truly obvious how much they love one another.