~ Sarah and Basil ~

In 2020, Basil found his forever home with Sarah.  Although he had a difficult start to life, Basil is now thriving, thanks to his carer and rescuer, Sarah.  

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Sarah decided to help the Dog Tales Rescue in Canada.  There, she met Basil.  Basil, originally from China, had been found after being hit by a car.  He had been left there and as a result, would require intensive medical care.  Unfortunately, Basil had to have both his back legs amputated, meaning he requires a wheelchair to get around.  

A year later, the rescue, Furry Angels, felt Basil wasn’t properly thriving in their care.  It was then decided that he should be moved to Ontario.  This was quite a journey for him.  From Wuhan, he travelled by train to Beijing, then by plane to Canada. 

As Basil had special needs, Sarah was unsure if she could provide him with the best possible life.  Yet, she felt that fostering was a good start.  After they created a routine with each other, they slowly formed a bond.  A few days after bringing him into her home, they went to the park together.  This was one of the first times Basil felt fully free and he happily ran around the field until he was fully worn out. 

Basil taught Sarah patience and had shown her how to navigate a world with an animal with special needs.  He provided Sarah with a sense of purpose during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Even though this was a difficult time, they supported each other and were able to offer comfort to one another. 

A few months after fostering Basil, Sarah went away for a few days.  She decided to leave him in the care of Dog Tales Rescue.  As she drove away, she felt her heart sink and could see that Basil’s did too.  Suffice to say, once she returned, she welcomed Basil into her life permanently.  

This was a big adjustment, for both Sarah and Basil, but they took it all in their stride.  Sarah was anxious she mightn’t be able to give Basil the life he so deserved.  However, the two are now inseparable and it is evident how happy he is now.  

Since finding his forever home, Basil has flourished.  He has gradually been becoming more trusting of humans and other dogs, gained more independence and has become a different dog from when he first met Sarah.  Not only this but Sarah has gained immense happiness since having Basil in her life.  

Having Basil has encouraged Sarah to become the best version of herself.  Her life has been changed for the better, thanks to Basil.  She now has the confidence to pursue her dreams and passions.  Sarah does all she can to give Basil the best life he can have.  He brings so much positivity into her life and can always brighten her day. 

Not only has Basil improved Sarah’s life, but he has also improved the lives of those within his community.  No matter what, Basil can always bring a smile to anyone’s face.  When out and about, those who meet him simply light up with joy.  From his sweet face to his bubbly personality, you can’t help but smile when meeting him.  

Basil has become a very treasured member of their community.  Everyone knows him and wave to him as he walks down their street.  Christmas of 2020, one of Sarah’s neighbours even made a special sled just for Basil so he could explore the snow!  It was equipped with wheels and Christmas lights, too.  

Despite having issues with mobility, Basil absolutely loves adventuring and being in nature.  He loves exploring new surroundings and sniffing around. During the summertime, both Sarah and Basil enjoy going for hikes and discovering new and interesting places. 

It is evident how much Sarah and Basil love one another.  They have both changed each other’s lives for the better.  Sarah can’t imagine her life now without Basil at her side.  They truly share a very special bond.