Almost 2 years ago, Avery was paired with her human, Amanda.  Ever since then, they have become inseparable.  

Having struggled with a myriad of conditions, Amanda felt that adopting a service dog might be beneficial.  She contacted an organisation known as Doggie Does Good.  This is an organisation that help train dogs to aid those with disabilities.  Through this, they work closely with both the dog and the human on their individual relationship and tasks to help. 

Before even meeting Avery, Amanda adored the photo she had seen prior.  Once they met, however, it was love at first sight.  She had felt an instant connection between herself and Avery.  They locked eyes and have been the best of friends ever since. 

Avery helps Amanda with a variety of tasks.  When she is feeling particularly anxious or struggling with her mental health, Avery is right there.  If Amanda is having a difficult day with her anxiety, Avery is always at her side to help her through this.  She can perform deep pressure therapy (DPT) to help re-focus Amanda’s attention.  

Not only can Avery help Amanda by performing DPT but she offers comfort and support.  If she is having an off day, Avery will sense this and stays right by her side.  Amanda has gained confidence and independence thanks to having Avery by her side.  It is amazing how much she has flourished with having her as a companion.  

Because of the incredible impact she has had, Amanda ensures she does all she can so that Avery has the best life, too.  She will always plan ahead to make sure the places they go together are safe and accessible for her.  When they’re not out and about, they enjoy training together.  Avery is a very smart dog and always enjoys learning new tricks and going over her commands.  However, when they are both feeling tired, they always love to snuggle up together and just relax. 

Since having Avery, Amanda has gained so much.  It is evident how much Avery and her human care for each other.  Amanda has gained more happiness, independence and confidence having her in her life.  Avery has changed her life and the love they share is immeasurable.