~ Mia and Mildred ~

Over the last 2 years, Mia and Mildred have formed a very special bond.  The two have impacted each other’s life immensely and have helped one another to grow. 

In 2016, Mia, an animal science student, fell in love with frogs.  Immediately, she looked into every resource she could to learn about these creatures.  The love that Mia has for animals is truly amazing, as can be seen in her work and studies.  From this, her love of amphibians, and all animals, only grew.  

Three years later, Mia was started to look into adopting a frog of her own.  She was determined to ensure she could properly accommodate a frog, but also to figure out which breed would be best for her.  Mia looked at requirements such as diet, housing, and cleaning, and soon she discovered Australian green tree frogs, or dumpy tree frogs.  She fell in love with their waxy complexion and little toes. 

Following her decision, Mia began searching for a dumpy tree frog.  Unfortunately, finding one from a reputable breeder or rescue was very difficult, and so, she found one at a pet store.  While there, she saw a small frog, around 10gms, and fell in love.  It was from that moment, Mia knew she would be bringing this frog home, and named her Mildred. 

Once they returned home, Mildred was very stressed about her new surroundings.  After managing to get Mildred into her tank, Mia decided it was best to give her some space.  Two days later, Mildred was able to relax and seemed a lot more comfortable than on her first day.  

Having Mildred had taught Mia a lot about amphibians.  While she had a lot of knowledge from readings, actually caring for and spending time with a frog helped Mia gain a lot more.  Evidently, this has only furthered her love for frogs in general. 

One of their favourite things to do is photoshoots.  Mildred is very photogenic and enjoys posing whenever she sees a camera.  Simply spending time together is a highlight, for both Mia and Mildred.  Whenever Mia takes Mildred back to her tank, it’s their time to be together.  Whether feeding or a soak, it’s this quality time that means a lot to them.  During these brief interactions, Mia feels that Mildred is also showing her love and affection for her human.  

Not only has Mildred had an impact on Mia, but she has also had an impact on those within their community.  No matter what, seeing Mildred can always brighten someone’s day.  She inspires a lot of happiness, both through photos and in person.  

The bond between Mia and Mildred is amazing.  The care they have for one another is so strong and they have bettered each other’s lives.  Together, they bring happiness and smiles to all those they meet, both online and off.