~ Suzy and Moose ~

5 years ago, Moose met Suzy. Since then, they have become best friends. They have formed such a lovely bond and have been a great support for one another.  

Suzy met Moose in 2015 when he was a small, fluffy, Golden Samoyed puppy. She fell in love with him and his big smile and loving eyes. From that moment she first met Moose, there was no way Suzy was leaving without a new, furry family member.

Having Moose in their life has made Suzy’s house a home. He has added so much joy to their home and brings a smile to everyone’s face. No matter what may be happening, Moose always finds a way to bring a bit of happiness to one’s day. Through his cheeky antics, he also has a talent for making people laugh. 

When Suzy returns home, Moose is excitedly at the front door, waiting to greet his human back with a very wiggly tail!  If Suzy has had a difficult day, or is having a bad mental health day, Moose can always cheer her up. He is her shoulder to cry on. Her best friend.  

Not only does Moose bring happiness to his humans, but he also brings happiness to everyone he meets.  When they are out and about, people often smile when they see him and, on occasion, pat him and his very fluffy fur!

Something that Suzy and Moose enjoy doing is going on adventures together. They often go travelling, weekend trips, discovering new parks, and just enjoy exploring new places. It is a great joy for both of them.  

The bond between Suzy and Moose is certainly a special one. Moose means the world to Suzy, and she means the world to him. You can see how much love they have for each other simply by how they look at one another.