~ Kira, Sindri and Echo ~

At the start of 2020, Echo was welcomed into Kira’s life.  Months later, they welcomed Sindri into their family.  Since then, they have become best friends and have improved each other’s lives immensely. 

In 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic, Kira felt that adopting a cat would be beneficial for her.  She decided to go to the SPCA to meet some of the cats.  Soon, she was introduced to two tortoiseshell kittens.  Kira was left to spend time with them, however, once she put the first one away, the second kitten stretched up and climbed onto her shoulder.  Suffice to say, there was no way Kira was leaving without this kitten who had chosen her.  The next day, the kitten found her forever home and was named Echo.  

Unfortunately, Kira had been struggling with mental health issues.  She found it hard some days to leave the house, to be alone, and more.  Having Echo helped her greatly.  Echo has been able to offer Kira comfort and happiness on days that this might be difficult.  

During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Echo helped Kira abundantly.  Waking up each morning to a playful and positive kitten helped to lift Kira’s mood and brighten her days at a time of uncertainty.  Having Echo also helped Kira to maintain some routine throughout the lockdown.  Echo would curl up every night and would happily purr as Kira would pet her until they both went to sleep. 

Not only did Echo help Kira during the lockdown, but she always positively influenced Kira’s family.  With her bubbly and playful personality, she could bring a smile to anyone’s face.  Being a young kitten, she was often getting into trouble.  Whenever Kira’s parents would try to complete a puzzle, Echo would either knock pieces off the table or take a nap in the box! 

The happiness that Echo has brought to her family is amazing.  One of Echo’s favourite things is hunting leaves.  Each morning, she brings Kira a leaf.  It’s her way of showing her human how much she loves and cares for her.  She also is always just there when needed.  If her name is mentioned or Kira is struggling with her health, Echo will be right there and at her side, no matter what. 

Soon, Kira’s mental health spiralled downwards.  It was because of this, her health team decided it might be a good idea for her to look into getting a service dog.  Kira was referred to an organisation that trains dogs.  Through them, they helped her find the perfect canine companion – Sindri.  

As Kira only welcomed Sindri at the start of 2021, Sindri still has a lot to learn.  However, their bond has been growing since and now they are very close.  Days after Sindri found his new home, Kira and her parents decided to go have lunch together.  This was the first time in almost two years that this was possible for Kira.  Sindri sat with her and gave her someone to focus on.  It is evident the impact he has already had on his human.  

With Sindri’s help, Kira has gained some independence back, bit by bit.  She can go out into the community and attend university with Sindri’s support.  While Sindri can be a bit mischievous, he is always happy to cuddle with his human.  This helps Kira to feel comforted and supported.  

Not only has Sindri helped Kira become more independent, but he also simply brings more happiness.  He encourages Kira to go out and about to allow him walks and exercise.  He brings smiles to everyone’s face with his energy – especially when he does zoomies.  One of his favourite things is playing with a toy and then racing around the garden!  This never fails to bring a few smiles.  

Training with Sindri has also helped Kira a lot.  It helps give her a sense of purpose and connection with Sindri.  She can clear her mind and focus all her attention on their training.  It also brings a lot of happiness to Sindri as he loves to learn and perform his commands in order to help his human.  

It is obvious how much Sindri and Echo have helped Kira.  They bring her so much happiness and have given her freedom.  Both Sindri and Echo have inspired hope.  The love they all share for one another is beautiful.  They bring so much light into each other’s lives.