~ La Primerose ~

In 2020, La Primerose was launched. La Primerose is a small business located in Australia that makes dog – and human – flower crowns, custom treat jars, and more!

The founder of La Primerose, Jane, started making flower crowns for her own dogs, Noah and Roo, and taking photos of them. Soon, friends of hers wanted flower crowns for their dogs, and even for themselves to match. After a while, Jane decided it was a good idea to open a shop to share these creations with more people. From this, La Primerose was created. 

Since opening La Primerose, it has allowed Jane to combine her love of both design and photography. With the Covid-19 pandemic and Jane having some health issues, finding work has been a challenge. This has been a great way for her to keep busy and have some income. Not only this, but it has also been a great experience to share with both her dogs, who model many of her artistic creations. 

Each product is hand-made and is customisable. You can get flower crowns, for you and your dog, in a variety of floral colours and can be customised specifically for your dog. If you think your dog may not be too keen on a flower crown though, there are also collar attachments. If you want a safe place for treats, La Primerose also can make treat jars. There’s something for humans and dogs to enjoy and share!

The care and attention that goes into each piece is truly amazing. It is obvious how much La Primerose means to Jane. It allows her to embrace her creativity but also brings a smile to those who see her pieces.

La Primerose is an amazing business. They create stunning products that will brighten anyone’s day. If you’re keen to get a flower crown or another product, then make sure to go check out their page!