~ Broken Biscuits Charity ~

For as long as she can remember, Cassandra Carney has always been passionate about animals.  Growing up in New Zealand, she worked with many animal rescues and ran the Auckland branch of SAFE NZ.  SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation) is the leading animal rights charity in NZ.  She held many titles which, among others, included head of education and a media representative for campaigns against animals in entertainment. As a young adult, she moved to the United Kingdom with her partner, Tim.  There, Cassandra’s determination to help animals only grew and she soon started her own charity known as Broken Biscuits Charity

While in the U.K. Cassandra and Tim decided to take the opportunity to see more of Europe.  However, during their travels, they met many stray cats and dogs.  They were devastated to see so many animals needing help, and offered to hold a spaying/neutering campaign.  Through this, they met many animals who had become paraplegic.  For Cassandra, these animals have had a lasting impact, this being over a decade ago.  

Having seen and met many animals with mobility issues, Cassandra and Tim wanted to help them.  It was then the idea of opening their own rescue flourished.  They wanted to help these animals and give them some hope for a new, better life.  Initially, they started by providing dogs in shelters with wheelchairs (or bikes).  Once they were fitted, the transformation was filmed.  From there, many people wanted to provide these dogs with their forever homes.  

The bikes helped these dogs to find some freedom and happiness.  They were able to run around again, play, and enjoy their favourite park.  This was just the beginning.  Broken Biscuits helped to change the perspective on dogs with disabilities.  Cassandra and Tim have held many talks about these amazing animals, but having a dog there on their bike helps to demonstrate just how far they have come in their recovery.  

A lot of time, effort and work goes into each and every one of the dogs who comes into their care.  As they help dogs with mobility issues, each dog requires an individualised rehabilitation programme.  Initially, this will begin with scans, medical care, surgery if requried and then rest during the recovery period.  Following this, they will be given a specific treatment plan which may involve further medical attention, physiotherapy, and more.  

Evidently, Broken Biscuits work very closely with the veterinary community, both for treatments, but also to educate others.  Through this work, they can help shift perspectives of what an animal with a disability is like.  They may need some help with certain chores and activities, but they can still thrive and live a happy life. 

Through her work with Broken Biscuits, Cassandra has been determined to show people that animals with disabilities are not too hard to help.  For example, many dogs who sustain a spinal trauma can and do recover.  It can take a lot of time and work, but it can happen.  It shows people the beauty in these strong dogs.  Despite what has happened in their lives, they still choose to live life to the fullest. 

Being a charity, everyone who works with Broken Biscuits is a volunteer.  All donations go straight to the animals in their care.  Any amount of support from the public helps immensely.  Whether donations, volunteers or simply sharing their message, it goes a long way.  

At the start of 2021, Cassandra and Tim bought a riding school with 5 acres.  This will is where they are currently building their new shelter.  The shelter will house rescue dogs who need extra medical attention and a rehabilitation programme.  Having their own space will mean that there will be many more ways to help these dogs.  

The main thing that continues to motivate Cassandra is the attitudes of each of the dogs they meet.  No matter what has happened in their lives, they always have a zest for life.  Despite them facing some life-altering traumas, they are always full of life and joy.  Having their bikes allows them independence and freedom that they may not have had.  Once these dogs have this, they are filled with happiness and are excited to race their friends.  

The pure love and passion that Cassandra and the rest of Broken Biscuits have for helping these dogs is amazing.  They are helping to improve the lives of dogs and help them to find their forever homes.  The work they do is so important.  If you want to follow them or show your support, go check out their pages.