~ Jenifer and Bella ~

Over ten years ago, Jenifer welcomed chocolate Labrador pup, Bella, into her home. Since then, they have formed a very strong and special bond. 

In 2011, Jenifer was given a box with a red bow. When she opened it, an excited puppy greeted her! She named the puppy Bella. For both Jenifer and Bella, it was love at first sight.  

Having Bella has given Jenifer a lot more freedom and happiness. Jenifer loves being outdoors. She and Bella love going hiking through the woods together. They find many different adventures to go on together. Finding new routes, small animals such as frogs, and more. Their time together is something they both treasure.  

Ever since day one, Bella has had a lot of love to give. If Jenifer is feeling upset or stressed, Bella is always there to support and comfort her. No matter what, she is always there for her human. Every day, Bella is Jenifer’s alarm clock and encourages her to go out for her daily walks.  

Since joining Jenifer’s family, despite being fairly quiet, Bella is always looking out for her humans. She has even been dubbed their ‘nanny-dog’. No matter what, Bella is right there. Sometimes when they are out swimming, Bella may get concerned and, at times, has even jumped in to try save her humans. If Jenifer gets too close to the fireplace, Bella barks a warning to her. Even at night, when coyote howls can be heard, Bella replies to ensure her family’s safety.  

When Jenifer’s grandfather was dying, Bella helped support them through this. They would visit him in the hospital, often bringing smiles to all they passed. It not only helped her grandfather, but it helped all the patients and staff to see a friendly and tail-wagging dog walking the halls.  

Not only has Bella helped Jenifer, but she was also an inspiration for her first book, UnmaskedUnmasked shares the story of Gary, a raccoon, and his friend Jenny, a rabbit, and the bizarre events that have been happening around their forest and the humans who live just beyond the fence. This was greatly inspired by Jenifer’s life on the farm and, of course, Bella.  

The impact that Bella has had on Jenifer is amazing. Over the last decade, Bella has become a big part of her life. There is seldom a family photo without Bella making an appearance. Their bond is truly special, as can be seen in the love and care they have for one another.