~ Siba ~

In 2015, Siba found her way to the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. She has since spent the last six years looking for her forever home. 

Siba, a seven-year-old Asian Shepherd, has been at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary for most of her life. She is a very gentle and loving dog and is popular at the rescue. However, she has been in search of her forever home and deserves to find it. 

In the time that Dog Tales have known Siba, they know her to be a goofy dog who also enjoys to lay around and relax. Once she warms up to you, you will definitely have a friend for life! No matter what, she will be at your side and showering you with love. 

While Siba is a gentle giant, she can be fearful at times. Because of this, she will need a confident and strong owner who will be consistent with her and continue the training she has been undergoing through Dog Tales. She will also need to be an only dog as she cannot be around cats, other dogs, or children. 

Once Siba is part of your home, you will have a very loyal friend. She is naturally protective and will always be by your side. Unknown people can be a challenge for her, so it’s best to introduce her in a slow and controlled environment. 

After searching for her forever family for so long, Siba deserves her forever home. If you can provide a loving and safe home for her, contact Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary now!