~ Dane and Rascal The Ugliest Dog ~

Many years ago, Dane met a small pup on the sidewalk. Ever since then, he and Rascal The Ugliest Dog have become the best of friends. 

One day, Dane recalls, driving down the streets of San Francisco. He was there to meet and adopt a dog who had been mistreated in his previous home. Once Dane laid eyes on him, it was love at first sight and he named his new companion Rascal.  

While Dane sees Rascal as very handsome, he has actually won eight different ugliest dog titles and is the current champion of two different ugly dog contests. This is more than any dog has ever achieved, next to his dad who has won 14. Because of his fame in these competitions, Dane has named Rascal ‘Rascal the Ugliest Dog’.  

Having Rascal The Ugliest Dog has helped Dane immensely. When Dane is feeling down, Rascal The Ugliest Dog can always bring a smile to his face. He shows unconditional love to his human and is always a source of happiness. Sadly, a few years ago, Dane lost his father. It was a difficult time, but with Rascal The Ugliest Dog and his feline fur babies, he knew he wasn’t alone.

Every day, Rascal The Ugliest Dog makes Dane laugh, smile and enjoy each day. Dane cannot imagine life without his loyal companion. No matter what, Rascal The Ugliest Dog just seems to know when his human needs a bit of extra love and support. He will simply stay by Dane’s side to show him he cares and is there for him. 

As Rascal The Ugliest Dog is well known, he and Dane can often be found advocating for animal welfare. He has helped to raise funds for animal rescues and have helped to encourage pet parents to neuter their pets, and of course to realise all animals are deserving of love and respect. Dane views his animals as more than pets; they are his family, so speaking about the importance of their wellbeing is something he feels very strongly about. 

Dane and Rascal The Ugliest Dog often make media and public appearances. Seeing the joy on people’s faces when they first meet Rascal The Ugliest Dog is always a highlight. He has visited schools, retirement homes, at-risk youth centres, and many other places. 

Not only this, but Rascal The Ugliest Dog and Dane are also very active fundraisers and attend many events, such as one run by the Canadian SPCA. Recently, Dane and Rascal The Ugliest Dog has been busy working on a soon-to-be-released movie for charity, ‘The Adventures of Skanky Doo’. As well as this, they are working on a new leash range which will also help raise funds for charity. 

When not in front of a camera or on a stage, Rascal The Ugliest Dog loves simply relaxing with Dane. They enjoy going out into their community and socialising, eating out at restaurants, and more. Simply spending time together is something they both treasure greatly. Dane views any amount of time spent with Rascal The Ugliest Dog as very precious. 

It is obvious how much Dane and Rascal The Ugliest Dog mean to one another. They both have so much love and care for the other. No matter what, they know that they are by each other’s side and will face anything together.