~ Rocco and Co ~

In 2015, Rocco and Co launched. Rocco and Co are a New Zealand run business who design and make pet wear, from bandanas for cats and dogs, to leash covers, to special wedding attire, Rocco and Co have something for everyone.  

Unfortunately, the founder, Alyce, had a serious accident in 2015. This meant she could no longer work a full-time job away from home. Following the accident, she struggled to find things to keep her busy. While at home, she spent a lot of time with her dog, Rocco, and cat, Ali.  

During this time, Alyce wanted to find some cool and good quality pet wear for Rocco. However, this proved to be a challenge. She then decided to buy herself a sewing machine and some fabric. After she had completed her first creations, she shared them on Facebook. From this, she decided to turn her sewing into a business, and so, Rocco and Co was born. 

Following the creation of Rocco and Co Alyce spent hours, days and even weeks to ensure all her products we of very high quality, yet also something pet parents could afford. It was important to her to create products that were fashionable and weren’t too expensive.  

Since starting Rocco and Co, there have been many memorable moments. Because of the visual aid products, many people and dogs benefit. From bandanas that alert people that a dog is reactive and to be cautious, to a leash cover that tells people that a dog is working and to not approach. There is something for everyone at Rocco and Co!  

Each product sold by Rocco and Co is handmade. Alyce remembers one specific order she received from K9 Natural. At the time, they were sponsoring the All Jacks, a team of Jack Russels who would participate in the Jack Russel race at the Wanaka A&P Show. This is an annual event in which Jack Russels in NZ can have fun and run around with their humans. 

Alyce is passionate about what she does and loves seeing customers with their products. The response to her pet wear has ben immense and continues to grow.  Being a small business, simply sharing Rocco and Co can make a big difference. 

A lot of Alyce’s motivation lies with her customers and clients. They motivate her to keep working and creating new designs. When she gets unique orders, she loves fulfilling these as they are one-of-a-kind and are special to that client. It is obvious how much she cares about her business and for those who support it. 

Rocco and Co means so much to Alyce. She puts a lot of herself into the business and products. All products are bright, cheerful and positive, they show the love for animals, and so much more. It truly is something that represents who Alyce is and is something that she can be very proud of. 

The best part of Rocco and Co for Alyce, aside from creating beautiful products, are photos. Both those she takes and ones she receives from customers. When she sees photos from clients, it means a lot. She feels proud to see her products being used and bringing happiness to dogs and people alike. 

Rocco and Co is an amazing business. They create beautiful products for dogs and spread so much positivity. It is obvious how passionate Alyce is about her business and how much love goes into it. If you are wanting some new pet wear, then make sure you check out Rocco and Co!