~ Raymond ~

In October of 2014, Raymond found his forever family. After having experienced a challenging few years, he is now thriving in his new home.  

In 2011, the Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquake hit. The earthquake, which we remember each year, had a huge impact on many, including animals. Following the earthquake, many animals became homeless. One of these animals was a lovely black cat.

Soon, this cat was taken into the Cats Protection League in Christchurch. Prior to his arrival, he was named Raymond by the woman who brought him in. There, it was found Raymond had some psychological issues as a result of the trauma he experienced from the earthquake, one of which being claustrophobia. However, when his new human walked in to meet him, Raymond immediately went up to her and was very smoochy. Safe to say, he found his home after this. 

For the first month, due to Raymond being so traumatised, he hid himself away. He would panic at any loud noise and be terrified of being in small spaces.  Through a lot of time, patience and care, Raymond slowly became more relaxed and confident in himself and his environment.  

Months later, Raymond’s human was reading through the newly released book, Quake Cats.  This is a book by Craig Bullock, who has shared the stories of many of the cats who were impacted by the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake. You can read Raymond’s journey between the earthquake and finding a home within the book – it’s a lovely read and it’s wonderful he has found a loving forever home. 

In March of 2020, Raymond’s family welcomed a human baby. His human was struggling and was soon diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and depression. This was a very challenging and dark time for Raymond’s human. However, Raymond walked every step of it with her. He would be near at all times and would simply show his human that he was there. 

Since finding his forever home, Raymond has helped his humans immensely. Their family have grown a bit with a dog sister, Roxy, and a new human baby. His humans have had some difficult times since the earthquake. Through it all, he supported and comforted his human. He stays with them and simply snuggles when he senses someone is having a hard time.  

Raymond and his human enjoy their cuddles and taking photos to share on his Instagram account. Through doing so, they have met many other people and have found a friendly, animal-loving community, both locally and across the world. When taking photos, Raymond is very photogenic, although sometimes will need some treats for encouragement.  

The bond that Raymond and his human share is very special. When he was adopted, Raymond was very anxious, but now he is a different cat. Although his past was difficult, he is now thriving with his forever family. His persistence helped him to stay alive following the earthquake, and what allowed him to recover and live his best life. Raymond is very special and has helped his human through so much.