~ Fur Love ~

In 2019, Fur Love was launched.  Fur Love is a New Zealand business who make skincare products for dogs.  Their beauty range includes conditioners, moisturisers, shampoos, and more!  

Founder and CEO of Fur Love, Dr Ineke wanted to create something for her dog, Charli, who had ongoing skin problems.  They would often find themselves at the vet with Charli suffering from dry skin, rashes and skin breakdowns.  Being a surgeon, Dr Ineke knows that for humans, moisturising can be immensely helpful.  After enquiring about something similar for dogs, however, she found there was nothing.  

Dr Ineke wanted something that was gentle and nourishing that could be used daily.  Unable to find something that was suitable, she decided to take matters into her own hands.  She had read about veterinary dermatology findings showing the effectiveness of lipid-rich products for dogs.  She then began to search for effective and natural remedies for dogs.  

After trialling different formulas, she found the perfect one.  Dr Ineke knew it had to be something that would benefit all dogs.  Whether for daily maintenance or treating sensitive skin, it had to work for all kinds of dogs. From this, Fur Love was created.  She wanted to sell her products to help other dog parents who may have also been struggling with similar issues.  

Through the work Fur Love do, they often work closely with research labs and veterinarians.  This helps ensure each and every product is of the highest quality possible.  They are all made with natural ingredients, such as beeswax, coconut oil and manuka honey.  Not only do the products work well, but they also smell amazing with scents such as lavender and coconut.  

As well as ensuring each product is high quality, the team at Fur Love nurture the special bond between dogs and their humans.  When using the products, it allows for some extra time together.  This further strengthens the connection between humans and pets. 

Fur Love is an amazing business.  Not only do they create luxurious products for dogs, but they obviously have such a passion for the work they do.  If you’re looking for some natural and lovely skincare products for your dog, then make sure to check out Fur Love!