~ Melissa and Jenny ~

Three years ago, Melissa met her unicorn dragon princess, Jenny. Since then, they have both learnt a lot and have brought immense happiness to each other’s lives.  

In 2019 during the filming of a Netflix original series, Melissa would never have known she was about to meet her new animal friend! While at Repticon, an expo for reptiles and exotic animals, she met a five-year-old bearded dragon who had been forced to lay eggs her entire life. She was then taken to Repticon in the hopes of being adopted as she was unable to lay viable eggs anymore. 

From the moment Melissa saw this dragon, she knew she had a forever home with him. She adopted her then and there and soon named her Unicorn Dragon Princess, with her daughter naming her Jenny.  Jenny then went on the be one of the stars of the Netflix series, Pet Stars, with Pets on Q, an animal influencer management and booking company founded by Melissa’s best friend, Colleen. Together, Colleen and Melissa run Pets on Q as CEO and COO, respectively.   

While filming for Pet Stars, Jenny often made appearances. For Melissa and other humans, filming can be daunting, but Jenny took it all in her stride. She is a very calm and kind dragon, and certainly a natural in front of the camera! Having her calm presence there helped to calm the nerves of Melissa.

Having Jenny has improved Melissa’s life immensely. She brings joy to everyone she meets, and occasionally rocks a pair of sunglasses and even a purple cowboy hat! No matter what, Jenny can always bring happiness to Melissa’s day, as well as everyone else she meets. 

Not only has Jenny improved Melissa’s life, but also her family. She enjoys spending time with her mum, dad, siblings and rescued dog-brother, Bubbles! Jenny can always bring a smile to their faces and an endless amount of positivity. Since starting Jenny’s Instagram page, many people have fallen in love with Jenny’s antics and cheerful nature.  

Melissa and Jenny love spending time together. Often, Melissa lets Jenny out of her enclosure to explore her environment. Hearing her claws tap against the floor as she runs across the floor never fails to make Melissa’s day. Jenny has so much personality and definitely shows it in whatever she does. However, after a busy day, she enjoys snuggling up with Melissa and falling asleep. 

With Jenny at her side, Melissa is reminded to slow down and enjoy the small things in life. She enjoys Jenny’s company, whether feeding her or pampering her, it’s something they both enjoy. Through everything, Jenny is always there and offers her a sense of calmness.  

The bond that Melissa and Jenny share is a very special one. The love and care they have for one another is amazing and can be seen in how they interact with each other. They have both definitely improved each other’s lives for the better.