~ Watson ~

Beagle puppy, Watson, happily walked into his human’s life just over a year ago. Ever since then, he’s brought immense happiness and love to anyone and everyone he meets.  

A year ago, Watson and his mother were adopted. His human fell instantly in love with him. He was a loving and sweet puppy. Watson’s human couldn’t resist welcoming him to his new forever home with her. 

Every day since having Watson in their life has brought a new level of love and joy. No matter what, he can bring a smile to anyone’s face. He is kind and loving, as well as loyal and has a bit of a mischievous side! He has shown his family the beauty of having animals in their lives. 

In 2020, during the nationwide lockdown in New Zealand, Watson greatly helped his family. He acted as a distraction for his family, as well as keeping them active with walks during this time. Watson’s family were able to focus their attention on him and even though it was a daunting period, he made that time so much better.  

When times are tough, Watson can help others find the good in each day. He helps keep his family grounded and to appreciate the simple things in life. Not only this, but he just seems to know how to add a bit of happiness to one’s day. He continues to show everyone that there is always good in the world.  

One of Watson’s favourite activities is swimming. He loves going to the beach and swimming in the water there – it’s a joy to watch him swimming and enjoying himself. As well as this, he also just simply enjoys being active and will always be up for a walk. When he feels like a bit of downtime, he is very happy to sleep next to his human when she is relaxing.  

It is evident how much Watson means to his humans. He has brought so much joy to their lives. He is truly a treasured member of the family and of the wider community.