~ Sage and Millie ~

A couple of years ago, Sage met their service dog, Millie. Since then, they have become the best of friends. 

Sage has different health conditions which can affect their day-to-day life. Because of this, it was suggested they look into getting a service dog to help them. Sage thought this was a great idea and decided to look into it right away. 

After a while, Sage heard of a breeder who had a new litter of Golden Retriever puppies. Once they were six weeks old, Sage was able to meet them. There was one puppy in particular who stood out. She kept following Sage wherever they would go and had the darkest coat of her litter. From that moment, Sage knew it was meant to be. 

Once Sage was able to bring the puppy home, and being named Millie, it was a turning point. They soon began training Millie and teaching her how to become a service dog. Due to having different conditions, Millie has been trained as a multi-purpose service dog, meaning that she has many tasks, from physical chores to helping with psychological symptoms. Millie can help by performing deep pressure therapy, helping raise Sage’s blood pressure, and much more. 

Having Millie has helped Sage immensely. She gives them a purpose in life and no matter what may be happening, can always bring a smile to their face. She has helped Sage so much. Millie is very loving, although sometimes mischievous, dog. With her, Sage has gained so much more independence, happiness and freedom. They know that whatever may happen in life, Millie will be right there. 

While at school with Sage, Millie was known to help offer support and comfort students who may have been struggling. However, she only does that if she can be sure her human is safe first, of course! 

When off-duty, Millie enjoys meeting up with her other assistance dog friends. They can play together and run around at parks. She also loves spending time with Sage and just snuggling up with them. They both enjoy this special time they get together. 

In 2021, Sage welcomed Tilly-Maeve into their home. Maeve is their service dog prospect and will be able to work alongside Millie. She is only a few months old, but is a quick learner and has started to develop a strong bond with Sage. 

Now, Sage and Millie share a bond that is stronger than ever. Sage has gained so much independence and happiness thanks to Millie, but first and foremost, they gained a best friend. The love they have for one another is truly special.