~ Shania and Evie ~

In 2020, Shania met her fur baby, Evie. While it was a challenging start, for both of them, they are now inseparable. 

Last year, Shania was looking for a new furry family member. She discovered three-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Evie, on TradeMe. It was love at first sight and Shania was thrilled to soon adopt and welcome her into the family. 

It wasn’t long, however, before Shania had learnt that Evie had been used as a breeding dog. She had four litters in her three years of life, which causes a lot of strain on the dog’s body and can lead to many health and behavioural issues. Shania was unsure if she could provide a proper home for Evie because of this, but as soon as she saw her, there was no doubt she found her forever home. 

Because of Evie’s past, Shania is passionate about educating people about puppy farms and irresponsible breeding. It’s important to her to help these animals in ensuring that people are encouraged to know who they are buying from. There are many things Shania says are good to look into before adopting a pup, which includes researching as much as possible about the breeder, mother, environment, etc. 

Having Evie has helped Shania immensely. No matter what, Evie can always brighten her day. She’s a little ray of sunshine and brings a smile to everyone’s face. Not only does Evie bring joy to Shania’s life, but also of her family and friends. 

Shania and Evie love going out and about together, especially to the beach. Before adopting Evie, Shania loved walking along the beach, so it’s now even more special being able to share it with her fur baby. Evie is always excited to explore the sand and new smells, as well as meeting new friends!

Evie has changed Shania’s life. She has filled her life with so much happiness and laughter. It is obvious that Evie means the world to Shania. The bond they share is truly so special and the love they have for one another is so strong.