~ Zippy ~

Just over a year ago, Zippy found her forever home. Now, she and her human have become the best of friends. 

In June of 2020, Zippy’s human wanted to welcome a puppy into her life. She had discovered a new litter of Vizsla puppies. At two weeks old they met. It was love at first sight. Once Zippy was old enough, she found her home and her new human. 

Having Zippy has helped her human immensely. One of the biggest things Zippy has brought into her new home is fun. She and her human are always enjoying new adventures together. They love going for walks together, exploring new places, going to beaches or dog parks, and more. 

No matter what, Zippy can always brighten her human’s day. If she is having a difficult day, Zippy is always a ray of sunshine. She can bring happiness into any day. 

At the beginning of 2021, Zippy’s human was unwell for a few days. This was tough for her, but having Zippy made it all the better. She was there to offer comfort but also could make her smile and laugh when she didn’t feel like it. 

Not only does Zippy brighten her human’s days, but when out and about, she brings smiles to everyone she meets. People always enjoy saying ‘hello’ to her and getting to pat her long, velvety ears. 

It is obvious how much Zippy and her human care for one another. They have helped each other immensely and bring so much joy and positivity into each other’s lives.