~ McKenna and Hera ~

A few years ago, McKenna was matched with Hera. Since then, Hera has improved McKenna’s life immensely and has provided her with so much love and happiness. 

McKenna struggles with a few different health conditions. These can create issues for her on a daily basis. Because of this, she was suggested to look into getting a service dog. 

Soon, McKenna met with a breeder online who had recently had a litter of Bernese Mountain dogs. After waiting a few weeks, she was able to meet them. They were all very sweet, but she fell in love with one puppy in particular – Hera. That day, Hera found her forever home and human companion. 

Having Hera has helped McKenna significantly. She has been able to help through her tasks, such as alerting McKenna to oncoming migraines or seizures, if her blood pressure drops, if her heart rate increases, as well as helping her to cope with her anxiety and PTSD symptoms. 

As well as all this, Hera provides McKenna with freedom and confidence in her day-to-day life. She has helped and saved McKenna many times. They share a very strong bond and have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

When Hera isn’t working, both she and McKenna enjoy training and going on adventures. Two of their favourite things are kayaking and going on bike rides. Having Hera means that McKenna can do this and knows that she will be kept safe. They enjoy simply spending time together and being in each other’s company, too. 

McKenna and Hera have such a strong bond. They have brought so much happiness into one another’s lives. McKenna now has so much more freedom and love in her life thanks to Hera.