~ Annie and Crystal ~

A few years ago, Annie met Crystal. When Crystal turned five, she was taken into Annie‚Äôs care. Since then, they have become the best of friends. 

When Crystal was just over one year old, she and Annie met. A family friend had her as their horse but was unable to keep her as she grew older. At age five, Annie adopted her. 

Initially, it was a challenge for Annie to adjust to having Crystal around. A few years prior to having Crystal in her life, Annie experienced a traumatic experience. She was very afraid of horses as a result of this event and was scared to be near Crystal. 

Two weeks after adopting her, Annie decided to try riding Crystal. She was participating in a trail competition, however, the horse she was on began acting up, and so Annie panicked. Because of this, she got off the horse and decided to ride Crystal. While younger than the other horses, Crystal remained calm despite the other horses misbehaving around her. As a result, Annie began to trust Crystal and enjoyed her company. 

Having Crystal has allowed Annie to heal and recover from her traumatic experience. Since then, similar incidents have happened, and thanks to Crystal, Annie has been able to get through it. She has been able to feel comfortable around horses again and loves their company. 

Now, Annie loves going for trail rides with Crystal. Together, they enjoy exploring new places and going on adventures. They have each other and Annie knows that Crystal is right there to support her. 

It is evident how much Annie and Crystal help each other. Annie can now enjoy riding horses and feel safe around them. Her life has improved because of the relationship she has with Crystal. The love and care they have for one another is truly special.