~ Kasy, Nessa and Epione ~

Over the last five years, Kasy and her service dogs, Nessa and Epione, have formed a very special bond. They have all helped one another and have each brought joy to the other’s lives.  

Kasy has struggled with some health issues. She had found it difficult to have independence and freedom, as well as doing every day chores. Because of this, it was decided that a service dog would be beneficial for her.  

In 2015, Kasy welcomed Nessa into the world. Kasy helped deliver Nessa and from that moment, she knew they were meant to be together. She fell in love instantly, and from there, a special bond began to form.   

Having Nessa by her side has had such an impact on Kasy’s life. Together, they’ve gone through a lot, but because of each other, they’ve gotten through it. Nessa flourished as Kasy’s service dog. Because of the bond they already had, they found mutual trust and comfort in one another.  

There have been many times that Nessa has saved Kasy. She has been able to easily recognise when Kasy needs help. Nessa lets Kasy know if she needs to rest, help aid her if she experiences a dizzy spell, guiding her to somewhere safe when in the community, and more.  

As a result of Nessa’s support, Kasy’s life has changed immensely. She now has more independence and confidence in life. No matter what, Nessa is always ready by her side to offer comfort and security for her human. She has truly had a huge impact on Kasy’s life and wellbeing, something that she was unsure she would ever have. 

In late 2020, Kasy welcomed a second dog into their home, Epione. Kasy had heard of a new litter being born in October of that year. As Nessa would soon be retiring, she felt that this new litter might hold her next service dog. When the litter would have been 8 weeks old, Kasy went to meet them in person. One puppy in particular stood out, Epione. From that moment, she found her forever home.  

While Epione is still learning about being a service dog, she has already helped Kasy a lot. She reminds her to take things slowly and to appreciate the small things. In the short amount of time they’ve been together, they’ve certainly created a strong bond.  

When off duty, Kasy, Nessa and Epione enjoy simply spending time together. Both dogs enjoy being active and going out and about, especially hiking together. Nessa loves to swim and enjoy being in the water when she can. As well as this, Kasy hopes Epione can get involved in some form of sport someday, too. Other times, when they may want to just relax, they all enjoy each other’s company, whether for a snuggle or just being together.

The impact that both Nessa and Epione have had on Kasy is amazing. They all share a very special bond that shows just how much they all care for each other. Nessa has helped Kasy to be where she is today, and Epione is there to support her in where she’s going. Above all, it is evident how much Nessa and Epione mean to Kasy, and how much she means to them.