~ Beckie and Win ~

A few years ago, Beckie met small puppy, Charles Stanley ‘Win’ Dogwin. Ever since then, they have become a great team and have formed a very special bond.

Beckie has struggled with different health conditions. Unfortunately, this can present some challenges for her on a daily basis. This led to it being recommended that a service dog might be helpful for her. 

Without hesitation, Beckie searched for her best companion. She soon met a small and scruffy puppy at a doggy daycare. She admired his relaxed personality and how well he was around other dogs and people. 

It was soon decided that this pup, named Charles Stanley Dogwin, would be Beckie’s service dog – although he usually goes by Win. 

There was a bit of an adjustment period for Win. He wasn’t used to the busy and noisy environment that was the city. It was a challenge, but with Beckie’s care, he has been able to thrive in a more bustling community. 

Having Win in her life has helped Beckie immensely. He helps her to navigate day-to-day life. With him, she has gained more confidence and independence. He helps her to manage her conditions with different tasks. From retrieving objects to interrupting negative behaviours and much more. 

Not only has Win helped Beckie with his task work, but he has also helped her by simply being a companion. Beckie has been able to get out more and be active within her community. Win encourages her to go on adventures by exploring their surroundings. 

With Win, he has also allowed Beckie to meet new friends. Win is always a good talking point and people are often very interested in learning more about him. 

During the 2020 pandemic, Beckie would have virtual work meetings. Often Win would be in the background and brighten everyone’s day. He can bring a smile to anyone’s face and this definitely helped during the time of uncertainty. 

When not working, Beckie and Win enjoy spending time together. They love going on hikes, on new adventures, and meeting new people. They also enjoy trying new activities, such as agility training. It’s time just for them to be in each other’s company and to strengthen their bond.

The impact Win has had on Beckie has been immeasurable. Her life has been changed. They share so much love for one another. The bond they share is truly so special.