~ Bradley’s K9 Munchies ~

Early in 2021, Bradley opened his own dog treat business, Bradley’s K9 Munchies. Since opening, Bradley has inspired many and has even been nominated for an Attitude Award!

Due to access needs and learning challenges, Bradley found it difficult to find work. Unfortunately, this led to a deep depression. That was until their local area coordinator for Life Unlimited, Jenny Hogg, helped Bradley find his calling: homemade dog treats! 

With the help of his mum, Sarita, sister, Brittany, and official taste tester, Snuggles, Bradley opened his own business. So far, Bradley is selling delicious dog treats made with safe and natural ingredients. He hopes to expand his range in the future to include a variety of treats and other goodies for dogs across Aotearoa. 

Since starting his business, Bradley has been given a sense of purpose and motivation each day. He gets to share this experience with his family and his best friend, Snuggles. Snuggles has been a great support to Bradley and never fails to brighten his day.

Soon after launching Bradley’s K9 Munchies, Bradley was named a finalist in the annual Attitude Awards in the Attitude Enterprise Award category. This has definitely been a memorable moment in his career. 

Through his work, Bradley hopes to provide employment opportunities for those with disabilities within his community. It can be difficult for someone with a disability to find a job, and Bradley wants to show people that having disabilities isn’t an obstacle, you just have to find what works best for an individual. 

Currently, however, he is inspiring many people across the country through his business. He wants those with disabilities to know that it’s important to just keep trying things until you find what brings you the most happiness. 

Not only is Bradley making an impact in the disability community, but a percentage of each product sold go to local rescue, Furever Homes.

While the Covid-19 pandemic slowed Bradley’s K9 Munchies down, Bradley isn’t going to let it stop him. He already has a lot of support from his community, both human and canine, and wants to share his products with as many people and dogs as possible. 

Bradley’s K9 Munchies is an amazing business. Bradley creates delicious treats for our canine companions to enjoy. It is obvious how passionate he is about her business and how much love goes into it. If you want to order some treats for your dog, make sure to go check out Bradley’s K9 Munchies!