~ Lisa and Lekker ~

One day four years ago, Lisa went to spend some time at her local SPCA to play with some kittens. Little did she know, she was going to be leaving with her own fur baby, Lekker

Lisa has always been an animal lover. In 2017, she visited the Wellington SPCA to spend some time with the kittens who were there at the time. While there, she met a black cat who was on her own in a cage. She had been up for adoption for seven months.

As soon as they saw each other, the cat started trying to get Lisa’s attention. The SPCA staff opened her cage and she head-butted Lisa and immediately started purring. There was no doubt in Lisa’s mind that this black cat, Lekker, had found her forever home. 

Sadly, Lekker had often been passed by when people came looking to adopt. Due to the superstitious beliefs held around black cats, she wasn’t able to find her home any earlier. Luckily, Lisa saw her beauty and knew Lekker was the perfect cat for her. 

With Lekker at her side, Lisa has found so much happiness. Lekker is her constant companion and is always there for cuddles. When she is having a tough day, she knows that her feline friend is right there and can always brighten her day, no matter what. 

During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Lekker helped Lisa to better cope. Through her mischievous behaviour and an endless supply of snuggles, Lekker was an amazing companion to have during that very stressful time!

Lekker loves to cuddle and show affection. When she’s feeling a bit more active, however, she loves chasing after flies and running up and down the hallway while Lisa throws cat treats. She also quite enjoys 3am zoomies, while Lisa isn’t so much of a fan of this. 

Lisa and Lekker truly share such a strong bond and have so much love for each other. It is evident how much of an impact each has had on the other.