~ Nala ~

Nine years ago, Nala found her forever family. In the time they’ve been together since, their bond has only strengthened and she has changed their lives for the better. 

In 2012, Nala’s family met her at a local rescue in South Africa at only 11 weeks old. She was a big Great Dane x Mastiff puppy with bigger paws and a sad, serious look in her eyes. They fell instantly in love but were unable to adopt her then due living in a non-pet friendly place. 

They couldn’t stop thinking about her. A week later they went back and were surprised to see her still there. They were told that she would be soon put down. Without any hesitation, they decided to adopt her, name her Nala and would find a place that she could happily live in. 

Two years later, Nala and her family moved to New Zealand. It was a big adjustment for all of them, especially for Nala arriving in an unknown place. However, not long after arriving, they grew to love it and enjoy it. 

One of the hardest things for Nala’s human when moving to New Zealand was being so far away from her family. Most days she found herself feeling immensely homesick and upset. Having Nala through this time helped her so much. Their afternoon walks gave her the time to focus on the present, as well as being able to spend some time with her fur baby! 

The name ‘Nala’ translates from Swahili to English as ‘gift’. This definitely describes the impact she has had on her family. 

No matter what, Nala is always there for her human. If she is sad, Nala is there to offer snuggles and lick her tears away. She is so full of love and enjoys the company of her humans, and brother, Bam Bam the lorikeet. 

Nala has a very big heart. She loves company and comforting those who might be in need of some extra love. One time, she and her human met someone at a park who was undergoing cancer treatment. Nala stuck next to her to offer her some support. 

Not only has Nala helped her humans, but is also very caring towards other animals. Her humans have helped hedgehogs, birds and other animals over the years. Through this, Nala has been right there to comfort and support them in their recovery. 

In 2021, Nala, Bam Bam and their family went for a road trip. This was a challenge for Nala due to the loud noises fo the van and the motion being similar to the plane she arrived in NZ on. The next morning, however, Nala’s humans found her happily curled up with Bam Bam happily snuggled into her. 

Nala and her human love all the time they get to spend together. Whether going on walks or hikes, cuddles on the couch or in bed, meeting new people and more, this is always precious time for the both of them. 

Even though there may be challenges, Nala can always light up a room and bring a smile to her humans’ face. She spreads so much positivity and joy wherever she goes. 

The bond that Nala and her family share is so special. She has changed their lives for the better by bringing more love and happiness into their lives. The love they all share for each other is evident in how happy they are when in the company of one another.