~ Angela and Freddie ~

Years ago, Chihuahua pup, Freddie, was found abandoned and in need of urgent care. Today, Freddie, with the help of her human Angela, is thriving. 

In December of 2018, Freddie was found abandoned in a duffel bag. She had evidently suffered a lot in her short life. As a puppy, she had been dropped and had broken both her front legs. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive the necessary help she needed, and her legs healed improperly. Freddie also has dental issues, with having only two canine teeth left, causing an overbite. As well as this, she was born without an epiglottis, some cartilage at the back of the throat, meaning she is at risk of aspirating and must be handfed all her meals.

After being treated, she was put up for adoption at the Hesperia Shelter in California. The shelter contacted Angela, who has always had a passion for animals, and asked her to come in to meet Freddie. Once she laid eyes on the pup, she started crying. It was hard to see such a young animal be in such bad shape. 

Soon after meeting, Angela decided to adopt Freddie and to give her a forever home. Having Freddie in her life has brought Angela endless happiness. While Freddie has had a difficult life, she is always ready to play and loves to cuddle. 

Angela has shared Freddie’s story and through this has helped others. Freddie has shown that animals with health conditions can thrive when cared for. Not only this, but she has inspired many pet owners around the world simply by being her adorable self. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Freddie did many meet-and-greets with friends all around America. Through this, both Angela and Freddie have met some great people. 

Having Freddie has had a huge impact on Angela. She has shown that, no matter, there is joy and beauty in everything. Freddie may have many health conditions, but she is always happy and doesn’t let her challenges stop her from living her best life. 

Freddie shows everyone that, even though she may look a bit different, being unique is special and that it’s important to embrace all that is you. That everyone is deserving of love and kindness. 

The bond that Angela and Freddie share is a very special one. Angela has supported and loved her companion through all the difficulties, and Freddie has provided her with so much happiness and unconditional love.