~ Caitlin and Anastasia ~

A few years ago, Caitlin adopted Border Collie pup, Anastasia. Ever since, they have become inseparable and Anastasia has had such a big impact on Caitlin’s life. 

Caitlin had always wanted a Border Collie. She spent a while looking until she came across a new litter of puppies in 2016. She contacted the breeder and they arranged a time for her to meet them. 

Once she arrived, she instantly fell in love with one special pup, Anastasia. Caitlin loved how energetic and mischievous she was, and couldn’t resist her adorable face. Without any doubt in her mind, Caitlin adopted Anastasia.

Having Anastasia has helped Caitlin immensely. She has brought endless happiness and love since day one. Whenever Caitlin has struggled with her mental health, she knows that Anastasia is right there. 

No matter how difficult things may be, she can always brighten Caitlin’s day. She inspires Caitlin and helps her to grow as a person. Being responsible for another being has also helped her immensely. When she finds it hard to get out of bed, Anastasia gives her a reason to get up. 

After long days at work when Caitlin is feeling tired and stressed, it always brings a smile to her face when she’s greeted by an excited Anastasia. They enjoy being in each other’s company and love to curl up on the couch together. 

Two of their favourite things to do are photoshoots and going on adventures. Anastasia is a natural model and loves to pose for photos. When they are able to, they enjoy going for walks and discovering new trails and new friends. 

It is obvious how much care and love Caitlin and Anastasia have for one another. They have both had such a positive impact on each other’s lives.