~ Toni and Tank ~

20 years ago, Toni welcomed Red-Eared Slider Turtle, Tank into her life. Now, they are the best of friends and have both improved each other’s lives. 

In 2001, Toni’s family decided to adopt a turtle, Tank. Tank was already three years old at the time. Toni and her family immediately fell in love with him. He was a feisty little guy and instantly brought smiles to everyone’s faces. It was without a doubt that he found his new home. 

Having Tank has brought Toni and her family so much joy. Whenever he sees someone, he dives to the side of the glass and will splash to greet them. Anyone who visits is always excited to play and interact with him. Sometimes, he’s even let out of his penthouse and will happily slide over people’s feet!

Toni and Tank love spending time together. They share strawberries – Tank gets the tops while Toni eats the rest – and she loves to hear his chirps and watch him swim. They love to be in each other’s company, and Tank enjoys the occasional neck scratch. No matter what, he can always brighten Toni’s day. He brings a sense of calm and so much joy to her life. 

For a little turtle, Tank has a big personality. He’s always happy to meet new people and to play with Toni. He can make anyone smile and is such a ray of sunshine. 

In 2020, Toni decided to start an Instagram account for Tank. She wanted to bring a bit of happiness to other people’s days. Tank’s page follows his day-to-day life and what he gets up to. He even has a ‘cleaning crew’, or the fish that keep him company and eat any algae, as his employees. However, sometimes they seem to go missing… He has to rehire every few months. 

The impact that Tank has had on Toni is huge. They share so much love and care for one another.