~ Evie, Eddie, Biggie and Pebbles ~

Evie has always been passionate about animals, and has been surrounded by many different furry friends throughout her life. She currently has two dogs and a cat – Biggie, Pebbles and Eddie. 

Some years ago, Evie was devastated when her lovely Italian Greyhound, Jasper, passed away. She was beside herself and soon put herself on a waiting list for an Italian Greyhound puppy. It was a very challenging time filled with grief and sadness, and she couldn’t bear being without a canine companion. 

Soon after putting her name on the waiting list, Evie was contacted about a puppy in Australia. It was love at first sight when she met Biggie. Biggie has a big personality and, from the moment they met, was able to bring a smile to Evie’s face. 

It wasn’t long before Evie welcomed another fur baby into her life. One day, she discovered a small black kitten on the internet. She fell in love with him and soon welcomed Eddie into her family. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, a while after welcoming Biggie and Eddie into her life, Evie adopted Pebbles. When Evie first met Pebbles, she thought she looked like a Kunekune piglet with her curly tail and markings. She loved how unique she looked and instantly adopted the wiggly and snuggly puppy. 

All three animals have had such an impact on Evie. She has struggled with depression and anxiety, however, with her furbabies by her side, she feels less alone. No matter what, they always know just how to make her laugh and smile. With Eddie, Biggie, and Pebbles, each day is made a bit better. 

Spending time with all her animal friends helps Evie immensely. They offer her constant comfort and companionship. As well as this, Biggie and Pebbles encourage her to get outside for walks. When they don’t feel like going out for a walk, however, both dogs are natural models! They all enjoy taking photos with each other and all the fun that goes with it. 

Not only has Evie always been passionate about animals, but art also holds a very special place in her heart. Initially, she was more interested in art history but before long, she discovered graphic design and found her dream career. 

Because of the impact all her animals have had on her, Evie is very inspired by them. Evie’s art is filled with colour, fun and the occasional animal, of course! Her art is something that has become a part of her. 

All Evie’s art can be seen on her social media pages and on her website, eviekemp.com. A simple like or follow can mean a lot and make all the difference! 

As well as selling her own prints, Evie does artwork for different places. Most recently, she painted a beautiful mural for the Pet Refuge shelter. Pet Refuge provides hope and shelter for the pets of domestic abuse victims. Evie’s mural will be one of the first things people will see, bringing a bit of colour and happiness to those in need. 

Creating art brings Evie so much joy. Knowing her art can brighten one person’s day or inspire them keeps her motivated to continue. It’s also something that she can work on from home with the help of her furbabies! 

The impact Eddie, Biggie and Pebbles have all had on Evie has been huge. They have supported her through tough times and provide her with joy and inspiration every day. Her passion for animals is evident in all she does, from her art to just how she speaks about her furry friends!