~ Ludivine and Féroce ~

Eleven years ago, Ludivine adopted Chihuahua pup, Féroce. It’s been just over a decade and the two have gone on many adventures together since. 

Ludivine had always wanted a dog. As she travels a lot, she had been looking for a dog who could join her. In 2010, she met Féroce, a small and timid Chihuahua puppy. Ludivine fell in love as soon as she saw him and decided to adopt him.

Having Féroce has had such a big impact on Ludivine. When they go out on adventures together, Ludivine knows she has her loyal companion by her side. Together they have gone skiing, swimming, hiking and much more! They love to spend this time together and enjoy the world around them.

Not only has Féroce had an impact on Ludivine’s physical health, but also her mental health. No matter what may be happening in her life, Ludivine knows she always has Féroce. He is a ray of sunshine and always knows how to make her smile. She can confide in him and talk about anything and everything. 

Féroce also gives Ludivine a sense of connection among her community. When out walking, people smile as they pass by and stop to talk. If Ludivine can bring him to a venue, she certainly will. He is also often asked after by friends and family! 

Ludivine and Féroce share a very special bond. He is her closest companion. They bring each other so much joy and love.