~ Cindy and Antonia ~

Just over a year ago, Cindy met Antonia, a black cat who happened to be blind. In the time since then, they’ve formed such a strong and special bond. 

In 2019, Cindy sadly lost one of her cats, Yuki. It was a difficult time for both her and her other cat, Chloe. A year later, having been a long-time supporter of the Wags His Tail rescue, Cindy saw two kittens – one tabby and one black. At the time, they could not be separated, and she felt that two kittens would be a bit difficult for her and Chloe. 

Cindy felt for one of the kittens in particular. At only two months old, the black kitten had such badly infected eyes that they had to be removed, meaning she’s fully blind. 

Not too long after, however, upon checking on their website, she saw that one of the kittens, Antionette, had been adopted. Cindy immediately contacted the rescue and adopted the second kitten who was blind, Antonia. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions at the time between Switzerland and Germany, Cindy couldn’t adopt Antonia immediately. They had to wait about three months before Antonia could be welcomed into Cindy’s home. It was well worth the wait, however, as Antonia instantly felt at home and was ecstatic to meet her forever family.

Throughout the pandemic, Cindy’s cats have helped her immensely. They’ve provided her with companionship during a very stressful time. Antonia had a huge impact during this time. On days that were a bit more of a challenge, Antonia has always been there by Cindy’s side. 

If Cindy is ever upset or stressed, Antonia can always brighten her day. They enjoy snuggling together, being in each other’s company and even playing fetch together! Fetch is something that Antonia would happily do all day, every day. She’ll bring her favourite orange mouse toy to Cindy over and over again. 

Something that Antonia often does, and Cindy feels more people should do, is she sees with her heart. While Antonia is blind, she has so much love to give and is full of life. Cindy and Antonia are advocates for cats who are blind. Being blind doesn’t stop her from living her life. She gives everything she has to each day, whether she’s batting an egg on the bench, playing fetch, or just cuddling with her human, Antonia doesn’t let anything stop her!

The bond that Cindy and Antonia share is so special. They have each improved one another’s lives and have shared so much love and happiness.